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Cool Use Cars images

Cool Use Cars images

A few nice use cars images I found:

1951 Buick use cars
Image by Hugo90 - Thanks for twenty million views Usually not much to catch my interest in this used car lot, but yesterday this Buick had a prime location. This picture has been used in many blogs, when they needed a shot of a used car lot.

1995 Volvo Used Car Ad (U.K.) use cars
Image by aldenjewell

Image by roberthuffstutter One of the best things about the location of this used car lot in trenton, missouri in 1958 was the maid-rite hamburger stand just a block east on 9th. While lingering on this lot talking with my uncle frank, i was often overcome by the greasy good smell of the steamed burgers and headed on down the street. There was a most fantastic pin ball machine inside with lots of bumpers and bouncers with illustrations of buxom blondes smiling and lighting up every time they got bounced by one of the pin balls. There was a lot of laughter, malt mixing machine noises and pin ball noise inside the maid-rite. It was the perfect place for sixteen year olds. There were some cute counry girls who lingered around and enjoyed talking to city boys like me. Yes, i told them all about the latest trends, like the pink and black fashion craze. The nearest drive inn movie was in chillicothe, missouri, out of bounds for all of us. Those were great times in the late 50s.

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