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Creature of the Day
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Image by EpochCatcher
Blanketed by mesmerizing blue dots, the bluespotted ribbontailed ray is a sight to behold. They are common here on the Great Barrier Reef and the rest of northern Australia, but they are also found in the Red Sea, the eastern coast of Africa, and southeast Asia. Usually, these rays don't bury themselves under the sand like other rays. Instead, they prefer to hide in caves and under coral, like this one I photographed. At night, they emerge from hiding and feed on shallow sandflats. View image on my site: bit.ly/15sRCdv My website: bit.ly/VIb9Ev Facebook: on.fb.me/13IOQ1G Twitter: bit.ly/VIb9Ex Tumblr: bit.ly/13IOSXc Pinterest: bit.ly/VIb9Ez YouTube: bit.ly/13IOQ1I

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