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I Dream About You All the Time
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Image by Thomas Hawk

Cut Throat Meadow
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Image by Jonno Witts
That is what it's actually called! I have no idea why :S In the ten-ish years I have lived here I've never heard of any throats being cut in this field.

So this is where my house looks onto, you might be able to just about see it....Maybe not. Anyway, this is apprently home to all sorts of critters, snakes, moles, birds, bugs....apart from the bugs and birds though, I've never seen any of the others.

A WARNING: I took this from the forestry commisions piece written for the Rally GB as it is about the deadly tree disease (deadly to trees that is) that is hitting our forests.......Forestry Commission Wales welcomes you to Wales Rally GB. We hope you en
all about animals
Image by joysaphine
Forestry Commission Wales welcomes you to Wales Rally GB.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our woodlands, but that you will also take time to read and follow the precautions below to support our efforts to contain the spread of a fatal tree disease.

Phytophthora ramorum - a fatal disease affecting our woodlands

A fungus-like organism known as Phytophthora ramorum has killed larch trees in some of the woodlands through which the rally will pass.

It is harmless to people and animals but kills many kinds of trees and shrubs in gardens and the countryside.

The microscopic seeds, known as spores, that cause this disease are spread by rain, wind and rivers and by the movement of contaminated soil, plant debris or foliage stuck to vehicles, clothing and footwear.

We can't do much about the weather but we must do all we can to reduce the risk of carrying the spores between woodlands in Wales or further afield.

How you can help

These simple precautions will reduce the risk of taking this disease home with you.

After the rally: remove as much mud as possible from your vehicle before leaving the site.
At home: wash your vehicle thoroughly, preferably in a car wash on your way home or when you get there.
At the rally: wear smooth-textured waterproofs, if you have them with you, as these clothes are easiest to wipe clean.
After the rally: shake or brush any needles and debris from clothing before leaving the site. Check hoods, pockets and collars for any trapped needles.
At home: launder clothing before wearing it in your garden or another woodland.

At the rally: wear wellington boots, if you have them with you, because their surfaces are easier to clean than other materials.
After the rally: remove any loose plant debris from footwear before leaving the site.
At home: clean all soil, needles and plant debris from footwear before wearing them again.

Thank you for helping us protect Britain's woodlands from this serious disease.


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