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Long Walk

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Long Walk
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Image by Adventures of KM&G-Morris
We started out on the paved pathway and walked alongside the gully near our house. We went under the bridge and followed the pathway we normally take up until we came to a dirt path that we normallly ignore. Big mistake... we wandered about for over 1-1/2 hours enjoying the heavily wooded setting that we never realized was so large. We hardly saw any of the forested area; lots more to explore. And I thought it was all gone but there's still so much.

What you're seeing is the pathways - the very dry ground that surrounds these waterways, and at one point we walk into a clearing where there's still a bog with water. We found two more bogs much to my surprise.

What really amazed me is that any of the bogs still exist here with water in them. Now I understand why there are still egrets and herons, and my favorite little ducks around our neighborhood. Sorry I stuffed them all on one page but it was one way to give you a lot of photos without boring you.

Amazing that in Houston, a truly large city, there's still such an amazing wooded area. We noticed very large cat tracks, probably a bobcat, very large canine tracks and I don't even want to think about that, and deer tracks. It makes me very happy to know that deer are still around here.

don't even think about it Still Life! this big chunk of texmex food is all mine
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Image by spettacolopuro
Ants eating honey...and other ant food

Canon 40D;
Canon macro MP-E 65mm;
Canon macro ring light MR-14 EX

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