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Some cool animal abuse images:

animal abuse
Image by Creative illusions-Nature Photography-Kellie H
Life Reaching To Other Life Divided By Lie

Beautiful Giraffs in zoo that has very poor living conditions. This photo was taken to help raise awareness of zoos that are more like prisons taking away the animals freedom to live in its natural environment, the world in the freedom its suppose to.

They plant, grass, flower beds, trees and gardens in disease causing cities however, they ignore the dry dirt like pens animals are forced to live in in these many zoos and plant nothing.

No natural flow of water at all and is replaced with small dirty water bowls attached to a wire fencing.

Taking life out of its natural environment to stuff it into a wired boxed shaped closed in environment is like expecting animals to live in LIE.

This is invasive behaviour for human beings to do this and accept this as normal.

This interfers with EVOLUTION itself and the will of life by forcing it to suffer in confinment when it should, by the laws of nature, freewill and will live free and in freedom on a world that is for all life,,not the pigs who control it.

My trip into nature took me into a world where no life should be or live and now Im sharing this experience in this way so human beings can stop accepting zoos as the animals wonderful replacement to the wonderful world they already had.

Sign Petition with Change.org to free animals from prison zoos and prison aquariums

Kellie Hastings
phylosopher of truth, freedom and Love

Caged dogs Vinpearl Land, Nha Trang
animal abuse
Image by amasc
An unfortunate attraction at Vinpearl land in Nha Trang are the performing dogs and monkies. Not a pleasant sight for me but sadly popular with a lot of visitors

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