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Image by ZeroOne
Taken somewhere in the Joensuu region, eastern Finland. I have no idea which butterfly is this even though I spent quite a while going through a "most common butterflies in Finland" list. (EDIT/ADD: No wonder it wasn't in the list! dany13 just informed me that it's a Limenitis populi ["haapaperhonen" in Finnish], quite rare in Finland!)

The image has not been post processed. I know the white table has burned at the lower left corner, but at least it has done so with a cool color gradient into a blue'ish tone. I also like the strong contrast between the blue/black/orange colors, and of course how the butterfly is posing. I'm not sure what the object at the background is, although it looks like it has a handle similar to a traditional Finnish puukko knife, which it may well be.

I don't know if it is so elsewhere, but in Finland an upside-down clay pot and a plate are often used as ashtrays on terraces. Also notice the white plastic garden table. Those have been banned from Helsinki terraces in 2004 by the Helsinki City Real Estate Department. Plastic chairs and tables are apparently considered extremely ugly and tasteless, but in the Joensuu woods they can still be used.

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