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A few nice pictures of animals images I found:

pictures of animals
Image by Slick Vic
Waiting for our table @ Animal. One of the best dining experiences that I have had in a long time. Highlights of the evening were:
BBQ Pork Belly Sandwiches
Duck Confit
Balsamic Pork Ribs
Quail Fry
Foie Gras Loco Moco
Sorry, was too hungry to take pictures.

See where this picture was taken. [?]

Animal Farm
pictures of animals
Image by BrianHenry ////|//
Is a Amazing classical book (as if you haven't read it in school) These Horse on the farm down the street from my home reminded me of Champ from the book. These Horse were splendidly friendly and didn't jump when my camera flashed. They let me take some nice picture. But they got bored with me after awhile and walk away, haha.

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