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Nice African Animals photos

A few nice african animals images I found:

African Wild Dog (Lycaon pictus)
african animals
Image by cliff1066™
These dogs are similar in size and shape to medium-large domestic dogs, but they are only distantly related to other canids. Their mottled coloring and large rounded ears make them unmistakable. The muzzle is black and the forehead has a black line in the middle of it. The large head resembles that of a hyena. Legs are long and slender. The feet have only four toes, and no dewclaws. The tail has a white plume at the tip. No two dogs have identical coat patterns of white, black and tan; yet close relatives are recognizably similar in coloration. The body length is about 40 inches with a 12-16 inch tail. Animals weigh a maximum of 66 pounds. Males are slightly larger than females, and animals from Southern Africa are slightly larger than their northern relatives

African Elephants on Animal Kingdom Safari
african animals
Image by JeffChristiansen
Taken in 2007 on the Kilimanjaro Safari

African Tiger watching
african animals
Image by npicturesk
Metro Zoo Miami

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