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Nice Animal Welfare photos

A few nice animal welfare images I found:

Wandering Penguin Interrogates Captive Chickens.
animal welfare
Image by TaranRampersad
They won't tell me where the poachers went. Worthless chickens.

See Wandering Penguin Discovers IFAW Island

me mate phil 177/365
animal welfare
Image by Faisty.com
Today I got a letter from Phil. Phil Goff, leader of the Labour Party.

That's the first time I've written to a politician and they've actually bothered to respond. Thanks Phil's office.

I said I wouldn't alter any of my Project 365 images, but I didn't really want everyone seeing my address.

Cat being strangled On HSUS website
animal welfare
Image by go thunk yourself
Look carefully at the HSUS website and see if you don't see a poor cat being tortured. One artist was able to channel this cat's angst and reveal the true meaning behind that seeming innocent-looking image. (parody.)

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