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Cool Animal Cruelty images

Some cool animal cruelty images:

highway to hell
animal cruelty
Image by Genista
They transported these turkeys partly plucked in an open van across the freezing highways of Michigan. When we passed it, feathers flew out across our windshield. This photo was taken at a rest stop a few minutes later.

Henry was tortured
animal cruelty
Image by maplegirlie
This is Henry. He is a victim of animal abuse.

I got to meet him today at the Utah State Capitol where lawmakers will met in a special session to consider a measure that would to make animal cruelty a felony in Utah. (It is currently a misdemeanor. 43 other states consider animal cruelty a felony, but not Utah.)

On April 26, 2006, Marc Vincent chased Henry with a leaf blower damaging his left eye irreparably. On May 25 2006, he put Henry in a 200 degree oven for five minutes severely burning the dog's paws and chest. The torture that Henry endured left him scarred and his front toes fused together.

More info about Henry can be found at:

Anti-Cruelty Society
animal cruelty
Image by UIC Digital Collections
Title: Anti-Cruelty Society

Creator: Tigerman, Stanley
Description: View of the Anti-Cruelty Society building at 510 North LaSalle Street, located at the southwest corner of the intersection with West Grand Avenue.
Photograph credit: Brubaker, C. William, 1985

Date: 1977-1981 (Anti-Cruelty Society)
Geographic coverage: Near North Side (Chicago, Ill.); River North (Chicago, Ill.)

Collection: C. William Brubaker Collection (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Repository: University of Illinois at Chicago. Library. [Visual Resources].
Credit Line: Cite as [creator]. [title]. [file name]. [collection].
Rights: University of Illinois at Chicago College of Architecture and the Arts holds reproduction and licensing rights.
File Name: bru009_06_lF

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