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Cool Animal Cruelty images

A few nice animal cruelty images I found:

Hanging Moles
animal cruelty
Image by Matlock-Photo
Now, I don't meant to be controversial with these pictures, but this is what we saw whilst out walking. I've never seen this kind of thing before but got back home and did a quick search and found other instance of this happening elsewhere. I think the farmer or somebody who works on the farm has killed and hung out the moles like baubles on trees to show people how competent they are at catching moles. I personally don't think this is nice and should not be on show. Some will call this cruelty, others will think it's an old tradition. Have your own opinion but please keep this opinion to yourself. I'm not into animal cruelty. There must have been 15-30 moles hung out. Poor little things, I know they are considered a pest but it was a sad sight.

Aesthetic mysterious signage and sexy animal cruelty sticker.
animal cruelty
Image by imbrettjackson
Switzerland promises cats controlled by mouse. Can they deliver?

Watching some good ol fashioned American animal cruelty tonight
animal cruelty
Image by hansenbrian
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