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Live Rat Trap Cam! Supports all browsers

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Live Rat Trap Cam! Supports all browsers
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Image by slworking2
Watch me catch a rat that has invaded my garage.

Angie got me a new Panasonic internet camera for Christmas. Unlike the Halloween/Christmas cam, this one supports just about every browser. :-) So, my Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc. friends, be sure to check THIS cam out.

To access the camera now, go to http://kevin619.gotdns.com:8001/CgiStart?page=Single&Language=0

Note that this is slightly different URL that my previous cams.

Username: ratcam
Password: slacker

I've turned off the panning function this time as I want to keep the camera focused on the trap. The camera will notify me via email when it detects motion. It will also save video of the action in a buffer for me to watch (and post) later.

I'm using peanut butter for bait.

Christine & Lamb
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Image by LadyDragonflyCC - >;< - Spring in Michigan!
7 Day old Lamb we named G.
We are having our 3rd Lamb Festival here at Shawhaven Farm. Come on out to visit with the farm animals. Last year we had 202 lambs in the barn. You will be able to see lambs from 3 weeks old to new born, maybe hours old, it’s amazing how fast their up an about. All the other animals can’t wait to see ya.

The cow family the next day after the Great Escape
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Image by ellenm1
All back to normal again

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