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Cool Toy Animals images

A few nice toy animals images I found:

Animal-powered transport
toy animals
Image by cstmweb
First used:

• 2nd millennium BC: drawings and sculptures show people riding on horses

Animals have been used for transportation in many different ways throughout history.
Horses and donkeys were ridden beginning in ancient times, while in some parts of the world people ride ostriches and camels. People traveling in India sometimes ride in a beautifully decorated seat on an elephants’ back called a howdah.

Pack animals carry loads on their backs and can travel alone or tied together in a long
train. Horses, mules, camels, and even llamas can be used as pack animals.
Draft animals are strong creatures that pull wheeled vehicles. They can work alone, in
pairs, and even in teams. Horses and mules pull carts, buggies and carriages, while
teams of oxen can pull a heavy wagon. Animals that pull heavy loads are sometimes
called “beasts of burden”.

In some parts of the world where the ground is often frozen, teams of dogs are used to pull sleds, while reindeer pull sleighs.

Fun Facts

• Passenger pigeons can be trained to carry written messages.


Canada Science and Technology Museum

Animal Planet
toy animals
Image by aka Jens Rost
As seen in the NETTO supermarket =)

These stuffed animals are meant as "door-stoppers".

toy animals
Image by pinkiwinkitinki

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