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Arizona Goldens Pup in Training

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Arizona Goldens Pup in Training
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Image by cobalt123
At the VRATE Expo in Glendale, Arizona, this puppy in training patiently participated in a vendor booth featuring service animals. He is featured in the next photo which shows off his bandanna with the logo of the trainers. The organization is Arizona Goldens, LLC, from their website:

"Arizona Goldens LLC is a company that raises, trains, and places highly trained service dogs with adults and children with disabilities. We specialize in training dogs for mobility, vision, hearing, as well as therapy work."

VRATE is held annually to benefit community members showcasing an expo for vision rehabilitation and technology.

"That Will Be a .00 Entrance Fee, Please" (Or I could just eat you!)
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Image by Puzzler4879
Postcard image of a begging bear in Yellowstone National Park, ca. early 1930's. It's a wonder that this dangerous behavior was condoned, and even encouraged back then, and that we didn't lose half of our visitors! This card was mailed in 1950, but the image is obviously older. **Thanks to Beautiful Sunshine's hubby for identifying the cars for me. The car with the bear is a 1928 Model A Ford, and the rear car is a 1929 Cadillac.

You can visit Yellowstone today at www.nps.gov/yell.

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Image by nebarnix
178 image stack of a live cranefly under the 4X lomo objective at prime focus. 10um depth per frame. The images were shot through the top glass of a pyrex petri dish.

Off camera flash from the left shot through a square of tissue paper hung from the side of the microscope.

Used in this way, the 4X objective produces 5:1 magnification.

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