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animal control
Image by Marji Beach
Jocelyn is a very timid rabbit rescued from a sad fate. Between 800,000 - 1.5 million rabbits are slaughtered in the US each year for consumption. She would have been eaten by his "owners" if animal control hadn't intervened on behalf of her and three other starving, neglected rabbits (they didn't have food, shelter or water). Though usually very shy, she thought my camera might be a procurer of food (boy was she disappointed). www.animalplace.org

Noodle ... our three-legged kitten
animal control
Image by Kerri Lee Smith
Noodle is a kitten brought to our vet clinic a couple of months ago by the animal control officer. She was found on the side of a road dragging her left arm. Nerve damage left this arm useless and without any feeling in it. Because she was dragging her arm, it was scraped open and raw. She was very skittish when she was first brought in but the technicians manhandled her to the point that she now loves to cuddle and purrs as soon as you touch her.

Once Noodle was healthy enough to undergo surgery, her arm was aputated. That was two weeks ago today. She instantly felt better. She now runs, jumps, leaps, scampers, climbs, stalks, attacks, grooms, chases, plays and all the other things healthy kittens do.

Now that Noodle is completely healed and her sutures are out, we're putting her up for adoption. We'll put her in the lobby of the cat clinic part of the practice. I think she is so cute, and friendly, and unique she will find a home quickly. In fact, if Jimmy didn't urinate inappropriately when something upsets him ....

I've posted quite a few pictures of her in the comments.

BTW Noodle was named because her arm was like a limp noodle.


Noodle update: The owner of the practice and the vet who performed Noodle's surgery is adopting her. She has been such a joy at work that none of us could stand the thought of her leaving us so we never put her up front in the lobby in the adoption cage. Noodle couldn't possibly have found a better home.

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