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Please ID This Animal Track

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Please ID This Animal Track
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Image by ex_magician
Last week on a mountain bike ride my friend Brenda said she heard a horrible animal sound that she identified as a "wild boar." I was waiting quite a ways ahead of her and didn't hear what she heard. We have never had any sort of feral pigs in Moore Park and I thought she probably had heard a bird, or perhaps a rabbit being killed - who knows?

Two days later I saw these tracks on one of our mountain bike trails. These are three examples from the same tracks - similar in size to deer tracks but they look different to me. Slightly splayed and not as pointed; and round at the ends.

Do any of my Flickr friends know what porcine hoof prints look like? Is this just a peculiar deer track (there are tons of deer tracks here). I included my size 46 mountain bike shoe (US size 12) for scale and tried to process these high contrast for identification purposes.

Please advise. As far as I know we haven't had feral pigs in this area but these tracks look intriguing.

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