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Nice Animal Planet photos

A few nice animal planet images I found:

NYC - Brooklyn: Prospect Park Zoo - Hamadryas Baboon
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Image by wallyg
The Hamadryas Baboon (Papio hamadryas) is a baboon from the Old World monkey family. The northernmost of all the baboons, their range extends from the Red Sea in Egypt to Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia. They can also be found on the Arabian peninsula, though it is uncertain if this population was introduced by humans or not. The Hamadryas Baboon was a sacred animal to the ancient Egyptians as the attendant of Thoth, and so, is also called the Sacred Baboon.

Males are often twice as large as females, and this species shows sexual dimorphism in coloration. Males are silver-white colored and have a pronounced mane, while the females are maneless and brown. The face is colored red. A female initiates mating by presenting her swollen rump to the male.

The Hamadryas Baboon lives in semi-desert areas, savannahs and rocky areas. It lives together in groups (so-called Harems) of Alpha males and up to 15 females which the males lead and guard.

The loss of its habitat by transformation in field and pastureland represents the main threat of the Hamadryas Baboon, its natural enemies (leopards and lions) having been nearly exterminated in their range. IUCN lists it as near threatened.

The Prospect Park Zoo, Brooklyn's only Zoo, is home to nearly 400 animals of more than 80 species. First established as a small menagerie in Prospect Park in the late 1800's, this collection of animals became the more formal Prospect Park Zoo on Flatbush Avenue that opened to the public on July 3, 1935. A Works Progress Administration (WPA) project, the Zoo was part of a massive city-wide park improvement program initiated and executed by former Parks Commissioner Robert Moses. Closed in 1988 for a five year, million dollar renovation program, the zoo was completely replaced save for the exteriors of the 1930's-era buildings. Rededicated on October 5, 1993, it joined Wildlife Conservation Society's (WCS) world-renowned network of wildlife parks in New York City.

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