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Nice Animal Plant photos

Some cool animal plant images:

A Disney Tale of the Savanna - Environ (Jambo House at Animal Kingdom Lodge)
animal plant
Image by Loren Javier
This is a Disney Tale of the Savanna:

Before the coming of the animals, the plants raced to claim the best soil in the savanna. The quick grasses grew first. But, in time, they were pushed aside by the thick roots of the bushes. Yet, the bushes could not hold back the trees. And, so it went, until only the trees remained. The clouds overhead, angered by the greed of the trees, struck them with bolts of lightning causing great fires and clearing the land so the grasses and bushes could return. And, to this day, whenever the trees grow too bold, the lightning returns to make things on the savanna even again.

A Disney tale of the Savanna.

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