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Cool Animal Jobs images

Some cool animal jobs images:

Lonely Captivity
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Image by Max and Dee
This photo does a good job at expressing some of the mixed feelings over having animals in captivity. I appreciate the work of conservation and education that our zoos do, but sometimes you see these beautiful intelligent animals such as this gorilla and you can see in their face the sadness of captivity.

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Image by weegeebored
A peacock butterfly. Nikon the ninge would know the latin name. I'm being too lazy to check. I was inside a dark shed in Wales when I took the photo, so it's a good job someone set off a three megaton hydrogen bomb 50 miles away, so there's was plenty of natural light.

Who's There?
animal jobs
Image by Janet Beasley = JLB Creatives
A meerkat doing his job with passion.

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